Redesigning Homepage | The Unit for Advancement of Women in Science and Research

Re-Thinking of the Navigation Menu

The navigation menu is, to me, one of the most important elements for the user. He is the one who guides us inside the site, in an almost "foreign country". Therefore, the menu must be concise and provide users with the most essential for them. This is why the first action I did was to ask - What is important to users of this site? And what is important to the unit that their users know? Before the redesign, the menu was long and clumsy and did not seem to have been thought of. I narrowed the menu so that it contained the most important for the user, as well as for the unit.

Bringing the content CLOSER

Before the new design, there was only a text on the homepage "body", describing the unit. This text is important, but in my opinion, it was more important to bring to the users the essence of the unit and the uniqueness of its services. So, after a common discussion, I shortened the length of the text, and we discovered the important things for the user. Then I created four visual "buttons," each of which takes to a page on the subject.

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